Citrus Tobacco Flavor MOK

Release Date:2022-04-25 12:57:33

You can flavor cigars and pipe tobacco at home with a few simple techniques and ingredients, and Citrus Tobacco is one of the favorate for many people. This is a fantastic method for reintroducing dry tobacco products to the market or improving the flavor of lower-quality products. The bulk of the ingredients may be bought at your local drugstore or grocery store. In no time, you may be smoking tobacco that has been personalized to your liking. Citrus Tobacco Flavor is mostly concentrated on sweet citrus notes of lemons, as one may expect. While this tobacco is normally sweet, when smoked, it has a tiny acidity to it.

Because this is a single-note flavor, it combines nicely with a variety of other Citrus Tobacco Flavors. The possibilities are literally limitless. Combine this with blueberries and mint to produce a delicious blueberry lemonade. For a citrus explosion, add some grapefruit and orange. Don't be afraid to experiment with this flavor.