THP e-cigarette

Release Date:2022-04-25 13:43:12

TPM from a cigarette was compared to TPM from a commercialized THP, e-cigarette liquid (e-liquid), and aerosol produced by the same e-liquid, and it was discovered that THP e-cigarettes produce negative results in established genotoxicity assays such as the mouse lymphoma assay and in vitro micronucleus assay. The THP e-cigarette is a device that simulates the act of smoking tobacco. An e-cigarette is made up of an atomizer, a power source such as a battery, and a container such as a cartridge or a tank. Instead of smoking, the user inhales the vapor. As a result, using a THP e-cigarette is often known as "vaping." An atomizer is a heating element that atomizes e-liquid, which is a liquid solution. Taking a puff or pressing a button initiates the process of a THP e-cigarette.