Heated tobacco MOK and its benefits introduction

Release Date:2022-05-30 16:58:54

Younger grades are increasingly testing heated tobacco and e-cigarettes. The main reasons are the taste of these products, less odors and health reasons. In the domestic population, there are about fourteen percent of smokers who prefer heated tobacco.

In classic cigarettes, tobacco is both a source of nicotine and the material that burns the cigarette. The nicotine is absorbed by the smoker by inhaling the smoke, which is caused by burning tobacco at extremely high temperatures (around 800 degrees). The problem is that at such high temperatures, thousands of harmful substances are formed, which the smoker inhales into himself.

In contrast, heated tobacco-based devices use tobacco only as a source of nicotine. The tobacco is no longer heated by burning, but electronically and about 300 to 350 degrees are enough to release nicotine. No smoke is produced in such products. Although some toxic substances are already present in the fumes, there are still significantly fewer of them than in conventional cigarettes. A reduction in harmfulness of 80% is generally reported. 

Advantages of heated tobacco MOK:

-        very similar to classic smoking

-        more discreet form due to low smokyness

-        it is not forbidden to use in a large number of indoor spaces

-        Available at every Relay newsstand

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It has arrived as a top fashion trend and almost every smoker has a Mok device at home. How does heated tobacco work? You need a device with a battery, as well as refills with tobacco and a filter. Insert the COO tobacco refill with the filter into the device and cover it at the touch of a button. The battery heats up the tab that is in contact with the tobacco charge, and you are able to smoke. Nicotine is released from tobacco when heated to 300 to 350 degrees, which eliminates the inhalation of harmful substances as during combustion, but it is still a tobacco product. Long battery life and stylish design, all this is offered by the Mok 2.0 and Mok mini plus devices. Mok COO fillings are available in flavors: classic cigarette tobacco, coffee tobacco, mint / menthol tobacco, citrus tobacco and blueberry tobacco. Mok eu brings you more enjoyment of smoking.