MOK – UNISIZE device for heated tobacco

Release Date:2022-07-07 10:54:46

MOK UNISIZE is the name for changing the diameter of our heated tobacco devices. The diameter of the device has changed from 7.70mm to 7.16mm, this change offers compatibility with other products on the market such as IQOS, HEETS, Pulze and others.


Are you wondering why you should choose MOK? We will give you a few good reasons:

Modern look, attractive colors

Less pollution with almost no need for cleaning

Fast heating of the tobacco filling

It is not prohibited to use a large number of indoor spaces

Long battery life

Available at every Relay shop


Flavors of MOK COO tobacco fillings

We currently offer 6 great flavors that will satisfy even the most demanding users. Specifically, the flavors are: RED – classic cigarette tobacco, BROWN – coffee, GREEN – menthol, ORANGE – citrus, PURPLE – blueberry and YELLOW – a slightly sweetened flavor obtained by special treatment of tobacco. For more information visit:


Special offer on our e-shop


To celebrate the holidays, we have prepared two special offers for you that you cannot refuse. In the first package, you will find the MOK 2.0 device in any color, 1 carton of MOK COO tobacco refills of any flavor and the MOK 2.0 silicone protective case as a gift.


The second package contains the MOK mini Plus device in any color, 1 carton of MOK COO tobacco refills of any flavor and the MOK mini Plus leather protective case as a gift.


If you decide to use MOK heated tobacco, you don't have to worry about injecting dangerous substances into your body with one single puff - their ratio is reduced by up to 80% just by heating. The tobacco is only heated at temperatures of 300 to 350 °C – ordinary cigarettes burn at 800 °C. In addition, when smoking heated tobacco, you blow almost no smoke, which is also kinder to your surroundings. A smoke-free world and greater enjoyment of smoking, these are the two slogans that guide the IOC team. We're here for you.