A Few Questions Surrounding Heated Tobacco Products Answered

Release Date:2022-01-26 10:07:46

Let us take a look at the various aspects of heated tobacco products below:

What are Heated Tobacco Products?

Some of the examples of heated tobacco products include tobacco capsules, liquid heating devices and carbon tipped wrapped in glass. Also often termed as "heat-not-burn" products, heated tobacco products come in several forms.

You can discover some heated tobacco products that make use of electronic heating elements, while some heat up specially designed sticks, plugs or capsules that contain tobacco. Also there are some heated tobacco products that heat up liquids creating an emission that passes through the tobacco plug for absorbing flavor and nicotine from the tobacco. Again there are products that have a sealed part that heats loose tobacco alone or along with the marijuana or cannabis plant's flower. There are heated tobacco products that resemble the shape and size of regular cigarettes and possess a carbon tip wrapped in glass fibers which is heated up by the user using a lighter.

How do Heated Tobacco Products work?

For producing the nicotine infused vapor, heated tobacco products heat tobacco up to 350 degrees Celsius using battery powered heating systems, which is way less than that of a conventional cigarette (i.e. 600 degrees Celsius). The heating system enclosed within a device can be considered as an external heat source for aerosolizing nicotine from specially designed cigarettes or a heated sealed chamber for aerosolizing nicotine directly from tobacco leaf. These heating devices need charging and the user draws on the mouthpiece at intervals for inhaling volumes of the aerosol through the mouth, which is then taken into the body.

Are Heated Tobacco Products Less Harmful than Traditional Cigarettes?

Usually, the emissions generated from heated tobacco products contain lower levels of hazardous ingredients than that of the smoke generated from traditional cigarettes. However, that does not imply that heated tobacco products are safe.  According to researches made, heated tobacco products contain similar harmful ingredients as the traditional cigarettes along with the harmful ingredients that aren't present in the traditional ones.  Additional research is required for determining whether switching to heated tobacco products can reduce the risks of tobacco related diseases or not.

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