New on the Market: Taste Exclusive COO Silver Tobacco with Medium Intensity and Sweet Aroma

Release Date:2023-12-06 09:27:45

New on the Market: Taste Exclusive COO Silver Tobacco with Medium Intensity and Sweet Aroma
Enter the world of luxury with our newest tobacco flavor - Silver Tobacco, which brings you a medium intensity and a full sweet aroma, reminiscent of burnt wood. This exclusive blend of oriental air-cured tobacco is created for those who appreciate medium intensity with a unique aroma.

Smoke Cured Oriental Tobacco Blend with Medium Intensity
Silver Tobacco combines medium intensity with the richness of oriental tobacco that is carefully air-dried. Each pull brings the full flavor and sweet aroma that is characteristic of burnt wood.

Why Choose COO Silver Tobacco?
1. Medium Intensity for a Balanced Experience
Silver Tabák offers a medium intensity that provides a balanced smoking experience. Every stroke is like an adventure that combines strength and delicacy, offering you an unforgettable moment from the first breath.

2. Full Sweet Aroma of Burnt Wood
The aroma of COO Silver Tobacco is reminiscent of the sweet smell of burnt wood, which gives this flavor a unique and unforgettable character. For lovers of specific scents, Silver Tabák is the right choice.

3. Compatible with All Devices on the Market
COO Silver Tobacco is fully compatible with all devices on the market, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tobacco no matter what device you use.

Price and How to Get COO Silver Tobacco?
Price: CZK 850 per carton
Exclusive Silver Tobacco is available at an attractive price of CZK 850 per carton. This price offer allows you to enjoy quality tobacco with medium intensity and rich aroma without affecting your budget.

Order today!
Visit our online store and view our extensive range of Silver Tobacco. Choose this medium-intense flavor and treat yourself to a smoking experience that combines harmony with a unique aroma. Order today and be part of this tobacco revolution!

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