Heated Tobacco Products - Experience the Best of Tobacco without Smoke

Release Date:2022-01-26 10:07:43

Heated tobacco products are the Next Generation Products that are technology-driven, satisfying and less harmful alternatives to cigarettes. Heated tobacco is considered as one of the most promising developments in the world of nicotine. As compared to other alternatives, the heated tobacco products replicate the traditional smoking experience more closely. It offers nicotine satisfaction and tobacco aromas to the adult smokers that are quite similar to that of the behavior and senses as inflammable cigarettes, however, it comes with fewer and significantly lower levels of the harmful chemicals than present in cigarettes. All in all heated tobacco products offer more satisfying and practical alternative for adult smokers who are struggling to quit smoking.

What are the differences between Heated Tobacco products and e-cigarettes?

Heated tobacco or Heat-not-burn products are different from that of e-cigarettes. Heated tobacco products use actual tobacco and not the flavored e-liquid used in e-cigarettes. Heated tobacco products allow users to experience the real smoking without inhaling burned tobacco.

Are Heated tobacco products safer than cigarettes?

While tobacco companies claim that heated tobacco products are less harmful than smoking cigarettes as when tobacco burns, it generates more than 7000 chemicals found. But as in the case of heated tobacco products, tobacco is not burned it reduces the harmful effects of tobacco. However, it has still not been proven that heated tobacco is safer than cigarette smoking.

Why Heated Products are appealing to the youth?

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According to several researches heated tobacco products are more appealing to the youth as these offer more sophisticated, technology-laden and sleek experience. The next generation is more inclined towards technology and when they get a device that offers them the essence of traditional cigarette smoking while being more practical and smoke-free alternative, it appeals more to them.

Are heated tobacco products regulated?

With years of experiments and efforts, the tobacco industry has come up with heated tobacco products that are an innovative and less harmful alternative of traditional cigarettes. Tobacco companies are trying their best to challenge regulation by using claims of harm reduction as a strategy to reframe the industry as a part of the solution rather than making it a part of the problem. Heated tobacco products are the latest effort by tobacco industry for adapting to the ever changing regulations to maintain and extend their customer base amidst the deteriorating social suitability of tobacco usage and cigarette consumption.