How to Defy A Tobacco Craving Attack

Release Date:2022-01-26 10:07:41


How to Defy A Tobacco Craving Attack

When the urge to use cigarette approaches, though it may be in an intense form, it’ll perhaps pass inside 5-10 minutes whether or not you smoke a cigarette or take a dip of chewing tobacco. Every time you defy your cravings for tobacco, you are one step closer to quitting tobacco consumption for good.

Discussed below are the 5 best ways to defy the impulse to smoke or make use of tobacco when a tobacco craving attacks.

Avoid triggers:

The urge to smoke can be the strongest in the circumstances where you smoked or chewed tobacco very often, such as at bars or parties, or while feeling anxious. Recognize your trigger situations and have a plan in place to avoid them completely or get through them without consuming tobacco.

Do not set yourself up for a smoking relapse. If you generally smoked while you talked over the phone, for example, keep a piece of paper and pen close by to engage yourself with drawing instead of smoking.


Chew on it:

Keep something inside your mouth to fight a tobacco longing. Chew on sugarless gum, or munch on celery, raw carrots, nuts or something crispy and filling.

Don’t have just one:

You may get tempted to have just one cigarette to gratify a tobacco craving. But don’t dupe yourself into believing that you can stop there. Very often, having just one cigarette leads to another – and you may end up firing a cigarette again.


Look for support online:

There are many online stop-smoking programs you can join or read a quitter’s blog & post motivating thoughts for somebody else who might be battling with tobacco cravings. Learn from how others have managed their tobacco cravings.

Try alternative for tobacco:

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