Heated Tobacco – Top 5 Things to Know about the Innovative Product

Release Date:2022-02-07 18:04:35

Cigarettes are old-fashioned now & prone to multiple kinds of lung troubles. Heated tobacco is one of the popular trends in the market to replace the old smoking habits. The device is packed with innovation and is intuitive for use. It works by heating the tobacco rather than burning it, so the impact on your health is less. COO smoke is one of the top favourties designed for MOK heated tobacco devices. Get the best deals on reputed online stores & thus place your orders now!


You’re bound to have some questions in case of first-time use of heated tobacco products use, as switching from traditional cigarettes to a smokeless is no joke. So we’ve assembled some of the top things to know before embarking on a new smoking experience.


  1. It is time that you look for alternatives to cigarettes to protect your health. The latest heated tobacco products provide you with the feel of real tobacco as it heats genuine material on the device. You can select the COO smokeflavour & get the favourite tastes for your device.


  1. If you’re looking to switch to smokeless products then heated tobacco is the best option. It is a unique tool to heat tobacco from the outside & not burn it. The smoker then inhales the air to have a real tobacco experience.


  1. Is it similar to e-cigarettes? No, the technology is different from the electronic cigarettes in the market. Most of them use e-liquid that contains nicotine & other flavours to suit your taste. It doesn’t use real tobacco for combustion. But in heated tobacco, real tobacco is used for getting the best smoking experience.


  1. You can select MOK to start the heated tobacco experience in simple ways. The COO smoke sticks for the device contain real tobacco leaves to ensure a unique experience. The leaves are cultivated carefully into it to provide satisfying tobacco vapour to enjoy each puff. Buy the device from the relevant store with a high reputation and easy delivery options.


  1. The technology was created keeping in mind the tobacco experience of smokers. As the tobacco stick is inserted into the device, the compressed heat chamber allows the free flow of the air and thus keeps the charring to a minimum. There is no smoke smell as the tobacco is heated and not burnt. Enjoy the unique smokeless experience with the heated tobacco device at cost-effective rates.


The COO smoke stick is a unique innovation that provides the smokers opportunity to taste multiple flavours with MOK devices. You get specially prepared tobacco inside the stick, expertly crafted to provide you with the nicotine experience. It provides a taste & intensity similar to that of traditional cigarettes in hand. Buy the device from a relevant online store with top ratings over the product. Get your MOK device for a thrilling party at your home or outdoors and it will add appeal to your personality.