Heated Tobacco

Release Date:2022-03-17 07:58:33

Heated tobacco products are tobacco products that emit nicotine- and other-chemical-laced vapor that is inhaled by consumers. HTPs are a resurgent category of tobacco products advertised as "possibly reduced-exposure" or even "modified-risk" tobacco products. Heating tobacco is a concept that's been around for more than 2 decades. But it's only now that we've figured out how to heat tobacco in a way that produces goods that satisfy adult smokers.

We've developed two ground-breaking heated tobacco products that don't require burning or combustion, thanks to extensive research and development. Each one warms the tobacco differently. The first employs an electrically controlled heater, while the second uses a carbon-based heat source.

Heated tobacco products, sometimes known as "heat-not-burn" goods, exist in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Electronic heating components are used in several heated tobacco products.

Some people heat tobacco-containing sticks, plugs, or capsules that have been particularly prepared. That's how the electronic heated tobacco product that has been approved for sale in the US works.

Some function by heating liquids to produce an emission, which is then passed through a tobacco plug to collect the taste & nicotine from the tobacco.