Citrus tobacco flavor

Release Date:2022-03-17 09:31:18

With a few easy procedures and supplies, you can flavor cigars & pipe tobacco at home. This is an excellent technique to reintroduce dry tobacco goods to the market or to improve the flavor of lower-quality ones. The majority of the components may be found at your neighborhood drugstore or grocery shop. You may be smoking tobacco that has been tailored to your preferences in no time. Citrus Tobacco Flavor is predominantly focused just on sweet citrus notes of lemons, as one may imagine. Whereas this tobacco is generally sweet, it does have a slight acidity to it when smoked.

As this is a single-note taste, it blends well with a wide range of many other Citrus Tobacco Flavors. The options are truly boundless. To make a great blueberry lemonade, combine this with blueberry & mint. You may also add some grapefruit & orange for a citrus explosion. Don't be scared to try new things with this taste.